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The Edge Pilates Studio

In 2014, The Edge Pilates studio celebrated ten years of providing area students with a comprehensive Pilates experience. The studio has expanded to reach its current staff of eight highly qualified and certified STOTT Pilates® instructors. Staff includes Mary Serre, Lynne Bailey, Sara Aturaliya, Ida Anderson, Diane Link, and Renee Lyttle. Each staff member brings a unique, energized approach to their Pilates instruction, while sharing a commitment to helping students reach their personal goals.

The Edge Pilates studio makes its home in the beautiful Duluth Technology Village, right in the heart of downtown Duluth. As the popularity of Pilates has exponentially exploded in the past decade, The Edge has developed a strong and committed client base. The Edge atmosphere is one where the highest standards of professionalism and qualified fitness training blend with a client-focused social experience.