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Group Reformer Pilates Classes

Individualized attention in a group setting. You will be one of 9 individuals working simultaneously on our STOTT Pilates Reformers. Expect to move, flow, breath and be inspired throughout your workout. New to Reformer Pilates? The Edge Pilates requires a completion of our Intro Reformer package of have previous experience on Reformers before heading into group classes. All classes are 1 hour.

Group Mat Classes

Expect to be challenged just on a Mat, using small props, weights, bands and big energy. Our Mat classes are small and you will be one of five individuals in a class. Our instructor will assist you along your way to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout. Mat classes are 1 hour.

Intro Reformer Package

$130 for 3 privates sessions, required of new clients before joining a Group Reformer Classes.

Private Instruction

Private instructions caters to you, and your individual needs, therefor your program will be as unique as you are. Privates are a great way to achieve the results YOU want. Each session will vary, dependent upon your body’s needs for that day. All private appointments are made by appointment only. Private appointments are $65.00 each. All privates are with one of our Certified Instructors. To schedule call or text 218-428-8243 or email

Pilates Physical Therapy

What is Pilates Based Physical Therapy?
This therapy is a holistic, patient centered approach to healing the physical body following an injury or surgery. PBPT uses traditional Physical Therapy interventions as well as Pilates system to address a person’s individual physical limitations. These sessions will have a large emphasis on mind-body connection. The Pilates equipment assists patients in gaining more control over their body through a focused mind. Long term and short term goals are established within an appointment and discussed with the Patient.

Pilates Based Physical Therapy rates $85.00 for one hour. Call today to set your appointment 218-428-8243 or email

Who can benefit from Pilates Based Physical Therapy?

It is suitable for a multitude of diagnoses including but not limited to:

  • Low back pain
  • Pre and postnatal complications
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Pelvic and spinal instability
  • Shoulder pain
  • Various post op orthopedic surgeries - total knees, hip replacements, rotator cuff surgeries etc.
  • Neurological diagnoses such as MS and Parkinson's
  • Balance Impairments

Pilates Based Physical Therapy FAQs

1) Does my insurance cover PT at The Edge Pilates Studio?
We don’t directly accept insurance. However if you have a high deductible insurance plan cash based service can be more affordable

2) Can I be reimbursed?
Depending on your insurance company, you may be able to be reimbursed. Call your insurance company and ask if they reimburse for cash based PT services.

3) Do I need a Doctor’s prescription?
No, you do not however it is recommend to talk to your Doctor before you start a new exercise program.


Come on in for this energizing, fun, muscle toning class. Each class is choreographed to some heart pumping music. Small props such as mini balls, weights and bands are incorporated to slim, tone, and sculpt your entire body.

Pilates Parties

Introducing Pilates Parties!!! Be it a birthday celebration, a bachelorette bash, or an out of office party. Let The Edge Pilates Studio craft your next party. You and your friends will enjoy a Private Pilates session with one of our professionally certified trainers. Your party will be tailored specifically for your needs and fitness level of you and your guests. May it be a relaxing feel good stretch workout or to a core-crunching experience Your one hour session will be designed by one of our certified instructors.

After your sessions stay around to mix and mingle, cool down with an array of healthy snacks or a champagne and we can help arrange a catering package that best suits your guests.

Contact us today to start planning your first Pilates Party. Call 218-428-8243 or email us at